History and location

Sektkellerei Mauthner is a family-run business with many years of winemaking tradition. In 1987 Mauthner decided to specialize in the production of various types of Sekt, sparkling and semi-sparkling wines. Premium sparkling wines are called Sekt in Austria and Germany.

The production facility as well as the headquarters are located in the north-western part of Lower Austria – the Weinviertel, near the flourishing wine-trading town of Retz, which is also a picturesque tourist spot situated 70 kilometres from Vienna and just 10 kilometres from the Czech border. The Weinviertel has a climate similiar to the French Champagne region with rapid changes between rain and sunshine producing the typical character oft he wines grown in this area.

Corporate philosophy

As a future-oriented sparkling wine producer and contract filler Jürgen Mauthner, production manager and CEO of the company, and his team always endeavour to provide excellent quality. Many years of experience and constant innovation combined with know-how, creativity and the use of advanced technological equipment assure the further development of high-quality products. The resulting high level of customer satisfaction are a great honour for the company.

Staying constantly tuned and working on things is Jürgen Mauthner’s chief goal.

“All the time to stay and work on the things that defines our attitude towards customers, suppliers, productions and all other elements that make up our environment to it.”
(Jürgen Mauthner, production manager, CEO)